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A year of scrum

We are at the end of the 2014 and I would like share with you some data about my experience with my team.

We are a developer mobile team that developed for ios and android as smartphone and tablet native app.

We had adopt agile methodology since 2012 ad in this year we had tuning the our work at best.

In the 2014 we had implemented 16 sprint, the people allocation is about 4 people for sprint.
We had coded about 86 user stories, published 2 major release and 3 minor release.
The team velocity average was 150 in the 2013 and 256 at the end of 2014.

Softnew website restyling

From today, the my website have a new UI.

For the nostalgic you can see the image of the old version of

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Every comments are welcome.

iOS versions diffusion

I think is important know the iOS versions diffusion to determinate how to invest the own develop.
So in the net there isn't many source to have a clear scenario of what happen.

But I had identified some link of interest as following:

this is a link that snap the scenario at october 2012 the source is Chitika ( . This report clarify that the iOs 6 have 61% of market share, iOs 5 the 29% (5.1 and 5) and the rest is iOs4 and other.

Already link are: