iOS versions diffusion

I think is important know the iOS versions diffusion to determinate how to invest the own develop.
So in the net there isn't many source to have a clear scenario of what happen.

But I had identified some link of interest as following:

this is a link that snap the scenario at october 2012 the source is Chitika ( . This report clarify that the iOs 6 have 61% of market share, iOs 5 the 29% (5.1 and 5) and the rest is iOs4 and other.

Already link are:

Java Plug-in

Today I have found interesting articles about java framework developing.

The first link is an implementation of opensource java plugin framework:

The next one article is an example of develop java plug-in from scratch. Form me this link is the best way to use a plug-in architecture in your application

The last article explain how to read a xml configuration file in easy way:

Configure Windows Mobile Emulator to connect internet

A typical problem about windows mobile emulator is the internet configuration.

The first steps are to install the emulator

Install device emulator to manage the images:

Standalone Device Emulator 1.0 with Windows Mobile OS Images

Choice which images do you want, 6 or 5:

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